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14 things you can do to protect your skin from the sun

Protecting the skin from the sun is a task that can be quite tedious, and it is possible that, with the rush and distractions of everyday life, we may overlook some precautions. 

That is why we present to you a check list of 15 things to do and avoid to keep your skin safe and healthy. Are you ready to test your knowledge? Come on! 

Check list to protect the skin from the sun

1. Avoid sunbathing during peak hours

Year after year the media bombards us about the danger of sunbathing between noon and 4 p.m. This is because, during those hours, the radiation is too strong to be considered safe to sunbathe without burning. Therefore, organize your day so that you avoid exposing yourself directly to the sun during these hours. 

2. The sun also stalks the shadow 

Do you know that you can also get burned in the shade? That's how it is! Although ultraviolet radiation is only protected from 50%, these rays are still capable of burning your skin.

3. Be proactive!  

Remember that, before exposing yourself to the sun, you must have applied your sunscreen half an hour beforehand so that it takes effect and protects you adequately. 

In addition, you also have to control the time you spend exposed to the sun; it is recommended to apply sunscreen every two hours. So keep an eye on the clock! 

4. Adequate solar factor

Each person is different, and so is their skin. In the same way that you have to take into account the exposure time, you must know which is the best product for your skin. Are you not clear? In the post “What is SPF and what does your skin need?” We explain it to you.  

5. Have you applied it correctly?

One of the mistakes we usually make is not applying enough cream. The ideal amount is 35 grams for the entire body, that is, around 6 teaspoons of coffee.

6. Sunscreen does expire!

Or at least, it loses its effectiveness and, consequently, its protection index is reduced from one year to the next. This happens due to oxidation, so if you notice that your cream has changed color, smell or texture, it's time to get a new cream.  

7. If you've been burned, it's time to rest!

That's right, if you've been in the sun too much, experts recommend not exposing ourselves to the sun until our burns have healed. 

8. Get a natural tan

Don't forget to remove your makeup and don't put on perfume when you go sunbathing, as you can end up with spots on your skin. 

9. Healthy skin is skin that tans better

Keep your skin hydrated even before exposing yourself to the sun. 

10. Protect yourself from the inside

Protecting the skin is not just a matter of creams, it is also a matter of nutrition. For your skin to be healthy, experts recommend eating fresh fruit, vegetables and cereals, since they are foods with a high fiber and antioxidant content.  

11. Clothing also protects!

But be careful, not all fabrics are equally efficient in protecting against the sun's rays. Polyester and rayon are suitable fabrics, since they do not allow as many rays to pass through as other fabrics such as silk or cotton. In addition, you also have to take into account the color, the density of the fibers and the thickness.  

12. And the head?

We often forget that the scalp is also skin. Therefore, we must protect ourselves by covering our heads with a hat or cap.  

13. Each part with its cream

Not all the skin on our body is the same. The skin on the face, for example, is thinner and more porous, and therefore more sensitive. That is why we must protect it with creams specially created for this. The same thing happens with the lips, neck, décolleté and ears. Don't neglect them! 

14. Add some sunglasses to your outfit 

Damage to the cornea and retina multiplies with the arrival of summer, and we spend more time outside enjoying the good weather and the sun. Get some sunglasses! Make sure they are approved and block between 99 and 100% of ultraviolet radiation.  

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