5 reasons to include mouthwash in your routine

Do you want to show off a healthy and bright smile? So just brushing your teeth isn't enough! You should also use a mouthwash adapted to your needs in your daily life. And all its effects are positive for the health of your mouth! Today we talk about mouthwash and we give you 5 reasons why you should include it in your daily routine. Take note!

There are many bacteria that we can accumulate in our mouth. Bacteria that become the main cause of oral problems such as gingivitis, halitosis, dental tartar, cavities or sensitivity. To prevent these problems and ensure good hygiene, specialists recommend using mouthwash after brushing your teeth. Discover its benefits!

  1. Eliminates halitosis

Halitosis is the accumulation of bacterial plaque in our mouth, especially on the tongue, which consequently causes bad breath. Other factors such as smoking or dental cavities can also cause it. By using mouthwash daily, you help eliminate these bacteria and keep your mouth clean. If you suffer from halitosis, we recommend the Agrado Mint Mouthwash which in addition to complementing brushing, prevents cavities and contributes to a pleasant feeling of cleanliness. Hello fresh breath!

  1. Improves sensitivity 

People who suffer from tooth sensitivity suffer from very sharp and intense pain for a few seconds. It is very important that in your daily routine you use a specific mouthwash and paste, such as Pleasant Gum Protection Mouthwash. ​​The combination of its components together with fluoride complements the action of brushing, desensitizes the area and limits the problem. The perfect solution for prevention from home! 

  1. Prevents cavities 

One of the biggest advantages of using mouthwash daily is that it is the best shield to prevent cavities and other oral diseases, such as gingivitis. Basically, with rinsing we counterattack the bacteria that stick to the teeth, which we have not been able to access with the brush. If you haven't tried it yet, we recommend the Pleasant White Teeth Mouthwash, which maintains the hygiene of your mouth while taking care of the natural whites of your teeth. Unbeatable to show off your smile!

  1. Ideal for orthodontic patients

Clinical studies show that the use of mouthwashes in people with orthodontics is very beneficial. The reason? Prevents decalcification of teeth, a fairly common situation in people with braces. So you already know, If you have orthodontics, mouthwash is your best ally! 

  1. Prevents canker sores 

Canker sores usually appear on the lips or the inside of the cheeks and despite being small, they can cause a lot of pain. If you have any or want to prevent its appearance, it is important to use a specific rinse that does not contain alcohol. Remember to keep it in your mouth for 30 seconds and then expel it. Also, for it to really take effect, avoid eating food for the next few minutes.

Now that you know all the benefits that mouthwash brings you, include it in your daily routine. We assure you that you will notice the difference. Show off a healthy and bright smile with Cosmetic pleasure!


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