Agrado Nature, new line of natural cosmetics

Agrado Nature, the new 'vegan-friendly' range from Agrado Cosmetic with botanical active ingredients for hair care

Agrado Cosmetic launches Agrado Nature, a new assortment of products committed to nature, with a careful selection of natural ingredients and sustainable packaging. This line was born with the aim of protecting, caring for and enhancing not only our beauty, but also that of our environment.

Agrado Nature lands on the market with Botanicals, a line that is made up of a selection of hair care products with botanical active ingredients of plant origin. “Go back to the origins, revive your hair”, refers to the origin of the most traditional remedies, based on plants and their extracts, typical of botany. A market trend that invites us to reflect on the importance of taking care of our environment, the treasures that nature hides and its beauty benefits for our body.

All products in the line have a 92-98% from ingredients of natural origin, and are suitable for vegans. Furthermore, all packaging is 100% recyclable, thanks to its monomaterial composition that does not require us to separate its components to give them a new life. 

Botanicals by Agrado Nature consists of two treatments, which include shampoo, mask, conditioner and serum. Pro Strength, a restorative bath based on extract of Amaranth Flower and Argan Oil for damaged and fragile hair. AND Pro Nutrition, a treatment with Rice and Quinoa Extract that nourishes, hydrates and protects dry and brittle hair. 

But in addition, this launch is also a commitment of I like Nature with the surroundings and the environment. Agrado has obtained the Green Certificate awarded by the association Green areas, and thanks to the launch of Botanicals will contribute with donations for the creation of new forests and wooded fields. These areas act as true climate barriers and also prevent desertification, rural depopulation and promote “green jobs.”

Soon Agrado Nature will continue to expand its portfolio to offer more green options to consumers and strengthen its commitment to the environment.


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