Love. Balance. Sweet.

Agrado presents its new collection of body mists created with perfumes with Actimood technology

Agrado's body mists offer a unique sensory experience that redefines the art of fragrance.


Gardenia & Jasmine

Perfume and refresh your skin with a warm combination of gardenia and jasmine. Its sensual scent will awaken all your senses and make you feel irresistible.


Lily of the Valley & Green Leaves

Immerse yourself in the fresh elegance of lily of the valley and green leaves. Its unique fragrance will envelop your skin, creating a sensory experience that will enhance your natural charm.


Vanilla & Rose

An irresistibly sweet combination of vanilla and rose that scents and hydrates your skin while boosting your confidence, highlighting your personality and letting you go with the flow.

9271 - Body Mist Love

Body Mist Love

Body Mist Balance

Body Mist Balance

9269- Body Mist Vainilla y Rosa

Body Mist Sweet Vanilla and Pink

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