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How often should I reapply sunscreen?

In summer we want to have fun and enjoy under the sun, however, we must not forget to constantly protect our skin. Using sunscreen cream should be a mandatory step in our beauty routine to take care of our skin in the short and long term. But also, it is not enough to simply use it, you have to apply it correctly and reapply it during the day for its effect to be effective. We tell you how!

The sun is one of the main causes of premature skin aging, spots and burns and, in the worst case, melanoma. For this reason, It is super important to apply sunscreen every day of the year.. Furthermore, when sun exposure is prolonged, we must use the sunscreen again. And, although we repeat it left and right, this is one of the most common mistakes in the use of SPF.

First of all, you have to know that most sunscreens do not have an immediate effect, so you should put them on 20 to 30 minutes before leaving the house so that your skin absorbs the product and is effective. From now on, If you are constantly exposed to the sun, you should reapply the protection every 2 hours. Also when getting out of the water (yes, even if your sunscreen is waterproof). This way your skin will always be protected! 

In addition, you also have to take into account other factors such as application areas and the amount of product. Make sure to generously and evenly cover all parts of the body that will be exposed to the sun with cream; without forgetting the ears, the neck, the feet or the hands. Remember, prevention never hurts, so don't be afraid to go overboard with the protector! 

Finally, Experts recommend opting for a sunscreen for the body and another specific one for the face. with protection factor 30 or more, water resistant and protecting from UVA and UVB rays. If you like spray sunscreens, you have to try the Agrado Dry Solar Mist SPF30 which has a light dry-touch texture and an invisible finish. Perfect to apply all over the body, quickly absorbed and water resistant. Has it all! Its version for face, Solar Facial Mist SPF50+ It is one of our summer essentials. Thanks to its convenient format, you can always carry it with you to reapply it when you need your extra dose of protection.

Another ideal option for days at the beach and pool are solar oils. He Agrado Sunscreen Oil SPF20 It has moisturizing active ingredients that accelerate tanning while protecting your skin. Its delicious smell will make you fall in love! But if what you prefer is the traditional format, the traditional one, in Agrado you can find sun protection creams of different factors and in various sizes, such as Sun Cream SPF30. Finally, to take care of the little ones' skin, the KIDS Sun Lotion for Sensitive Skin SPF50+ It cannot be missing from your toiletry bag. Its application with a spray gun and its rapid absorption will make reapplying the sunscreen easier than ever. 😉

Now that you know how often to reapply your sunscreen and you know the best tips to enjoy the sun in a healthy way, Live summer to the fullest with Agrado Cosmetic! 


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