How to protect your hands

The hands are one of the most exposed areas of our body to different types of external aggressions, such as cold, bacteria and germs. In the last year they have become the focus of our hygiene to prevent Covid-19 infections, but do you know how to protect your hands correctly?

Authorities and professionals place great emphasis on handwashing, and it is true that it is the first step to protect your hands and have proper hygiene, but it is necessary to choose well hand soap. Those from Agrado have a neutral pH and have delicious aromas, even for the little ones in the house. Choose your favorite for your daily hygiene! And remember, if possible, always wash your hands with warm water and finish with cold water, to reactivate circulation. Water that is too hot can damage our epidermis.

On the other hand, the sanitizing gels They are already part of our daily lives, and that is why you have more and more options to protect your hands against viruses and other bacteria according to your preferences. At Agrado we have formulated a wide range of sanitizing, in different formats, with aroma and neutral.

However, continuous hand washing and the use of sanitizers can also dry out our hands a lot, as well as the low temperatures that we still have in many cities. That is why it is essential to apply a couple of times a day a Handcream Concentrated. Ours is enriched with Glycerin, which protects and accelerates the skin's repair process, and also contains Shea Butter that intensely nourishes. Perfect to always carry with you!

Remember that correct nutrition Based on fruits and vegetables it is always essential to have beautiful and healthy skin, in addition to drinking at least two liters of water a day. These tips will help you protect your hands and keep them looking good, without irritation or injury. And don't forget to wear gloves, if the temperatures are very low, the gloves or mittens breathable fabric will help you keep your hands warm and protected.


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