Tell me what you are like and I will tell you what your shower gel is

Shower time is essential in our daily lives, although sometimes we underestimate it. It is not only about cleansing and body hygiene, but also about relaxation and care for our skin.. Spending that moment relaxing and connecting with ourselves will help us start or end the day calmly and well-being. And to do this, we need a shower gel adapted to our tastes and needs, which helps us obtain a complete experience.

At Agrado Cosmetic we have been experts in skin care for years, and that is why we have a wide range to cover different skin needs and tastes. We know that sometimes the choice can be difficult, that is why in this post we help you discover what is the perfect shower gel for you with a fun test. Ready?

  1.  When it comes to a body wash, the first thing you should take into account is your skin type:

A. Dry skin
B. Sensitive skin
C. Combination skin
D. Normal skin

  1. What are you looking for in a body wash apart from deep cleaning?

A. Hydration
B. Protection for my skin
C. Extra softness
D. A good perfume

  1. How much time do you dedicate to your showers?

A. Express shower, in 5 minutes I'm ready
B. I take my time, but I don't spend more than 15 minutes
C. Bubble bath (with candles included)
D. Home spa. My moment of relaxation!

  1. What aromas do you like in a shower gel?

A. Soft and delicate
B. Fresh and revitalizing
C. Citrus and refreshing
D. Sweet and powerful


Rosehip bath and shower gel

This gel keeps your skin perfectly hydrated and gives it a surprising dose of vitality. It enters through smell, passes through touch and, best of all, stays on your skin through deep nutrition. It's just what you need! 


Bath and shower gel for atopic skin

Formulated for the daily hygiene of sensitive and atopic skin, this shower gel is addictive. Its micellar formula does not contain soap and has been dermatologically tested to leave the skin extremely soft without damaging it. So delicate the whole family can use it!


Mediterranean bath and shower gel

With its citrus aromas, typical of the Mediterranean, this shower gel is crowned as the perfect choice to enter the privacy of your shower. A trick? Let it act on the skin for a few minutes while massaging it to enhance its effects. Extra hydration so that your skin is super soft, revitalized and renewed. Irresistible!


Oriental bath and shower gel

Within the new AGRADO World Gels line, the Oriental Bath and Shower Gel takes you to Asia with its delicious cherry blossom smell, the perfect combination of peace and seduction. If you are looking for a deep, moisturizing cleansing that leaves a very rich aroma on your skin, this is your winning formula. 

Now that you know which is the perfect shower gel for you, don't hesitate any longer and Pamper your skin in the best way with AGRADO COSMETIC.


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