Tell me what you are like and I will tell you what sunscreen you need

Summer is in full swing and, without a doubt, we are all dying to spend time in the sun. On the beach, in the mountains, in the town... The place doesn't matter! But before we start enjoying it, it is important to remember the importance of protecting our skin from UV rays. We know that each person has unique needs and characteristics, so in this post, we will help you discover the sunscreen that best suits you according to your lifestyle. Take note! 

For those who do not miss a single plan

Beer at the beach bar, rural getaway with your friends, party on the beach, via ferrata through the mountains... You don't stop! Someone like you, who doesn't miss a plan and lives life to the fullest, needs a sunscreen that keeps up with your busy schedule. We recommend the Agrado Solar Facial Mist SPF50+. It's about the PRODUCT. Yes, with capital letters. It has very high SPF 50 + protection, is absorbed quickly and provides great hydration, with an antioxidant effect thanks to Vitamin E. Its small format allows you to take it with you everywhere. And the best of all? You can apply it on top of your makeup without a problem. Also take it to your most elegant plans! 😉 

For the adventurers

For a restless and energetic soul like yours, we recommend a sunscreen that will accompany you on all your exciting journeys: Agrado Sun Cream SPF30. With comfortable application and rapid absorption, it moisturizes and protects against sunburn and premature skin aging. In addition, it is resistant to water and sweat. With it you can enjoy each adventure to the fullest, knowing that your skin is protected every step of the way. Nothing can stop your free spirit, protect it and continue conquering the world!

For off-road moms and dads

Taking care of your little ones and your family is the most important thing for you. For effective and safe protection, we recommend the KIDS Sun Lotion for Sensitive Skin SPF50+, ideal for the sensitive skin of children (and not so children). Its pistol format guarantees quick and comfortable application. You will see how your children have fun applying sunscreen. Plus, it's waterproof so you won't have to worry if they keep going in and out of the water. Enjoy the sun to the fullest with your family in complete safety!

For athletes

If your passion is to practice outdoor sports, you need a sunscreen that stays in place during your activities. We recommend the Agrado Sun Cream Tube SPF50, with water and sweat resistance so you can maintain your protection even during the most demanding workouts. It moisturizes and protects against sunburn and premature skin aging and also contains Vitamin E. Don't let UV rays affect you, protect your skin and enjoy each activity to the fullest. Get ready to shine in the sun!

And remember, it is important to apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun and repeat it every 2 hours. This way protection will always be guaranteed. 

Before enjoying the sunny days, make sure to protect your skin and that of your family with the most appropriate sunscreen. Whatever you are, in Agrado Cosmetic We have the perfect lot for you! 😉 

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