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“Seven celebrities who have succumbed to keratin to keep their hair under control”

"Did you know keratin It is a fibrous protein found naturally in hair, skin and nails? This is what the experts from the hair cosmetics firm Agrado tell us, who include this ingredient in many of their products (…)».
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"Liquid keratin for hair: what it is, benefits and why you need it to look great"


«(…) The Liquid Keratin of Agrado. Spray that complements the daily treatment of frizzy hair. Keratin helps repair the fiber cuticle, giving your hair softness and vitality. "Using it on damp hair after washing, if rinsing is necessary, allows you to treat your hair daily in a quick and comfortable way."

“The most viral facial mist on Instagram is from a Spanish brand (and vegan)”

“(…) It is the most sought after in perfumeries and supermarkets, those who find it stock up so that they do not lack it throughout the year, and it is common to find reviews on Instagram talking about its virtues and recommending it.”

“The definitive trick to use micellar water correctly and it works!”

Agrado Micellar Water cleanses and removes traces of makeup and dirt from the face and eyes, leaving the skin soft, toned and hydrated. Enriched with chamomile and aloe vera extract, this water is suitable for sensitive skin and is dermatologically tested.

“The keys to a day at the pool by Jessica Bueno: high sun protection and cat eye glasses”

If you like the mousse texture on your skin, Agrado's solar facial mousse is worthy of being part of your routine this summer. 0% alcohol, ideal for sensitive skin, moisturizing, waterproof and with antioxidant effects. A perfect combination to become your favorite this time of year.

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