Hydration vs Nutrition, what does my hair need?

Sometimes we know what our hair needs: hydration, nutrition, repair... And we make the mistake of using products that are not suitable for our hair type. The time has come to start pampering your hair a little and be more aware of its needs. In Agrado Cosmetic We clear up your doubts so you can give your hair what it really deserves. Grab a pen and paper and take notes!

1ºWhat happens to our hair?

The first step is to know what our hair needs and to do this we have to know its porosity. We tell you how. You just need a glass of clear water, add several hairs to it and let it sit for two minutes.

  • If the hair stays at the bottom of the glass, it has high porosity. This means it may be damaged and have split ends. It has too much hydration.
  • If your hair stays in the middle of the glass, your hair has medium porosity. So, congratulations! Your hair has perfect hydration and nutrition. You can continue like this.
  • If the hair floats to the top of the glass, we are talking about low porosity and it indicates that it needs hydration.

2nd Hydration or Nutrition: What does my hair need?

Once we know what the porosity of our hair is, the simplest part remains: choosing the products that will make our hair shine. So, let's go!

If your hair is left at the bottom of the glass, don't worry because it happens in most cases. It is known as dry, damaged or split-end hair. This is because we add too much hydration and it becomes frizzy. As a result, the hair cuticles are very open and do not retain the products you have applied. Solution? The nutrition. Finding a line that repairs and nourishes your hair will make a difference. We recommend the Pro Nutrition Botanicals of Agrado Line, composed of 95% of ingredients of natural origin, such as rice and quinoa extract, will nourish and repair your hair, sealing split ends. When you try the Shampoo, the Face mask and the Pro Nutrition Serum, you won't want anything else to take care of your hair.

On the other hand, if your hair has low porosity, your best ally will be hydration. It occurs when there is a lack of water in the cuticle due to excess chemicals, leaving a dull and rough hair. Don't worry because we also have the solution! The Professional Keratin Line It will give you the perfect dose of hydration. Follow our hair routine Professional Shampoo, Conditioning Smoothing Cream and liquid keratin. Results at the moment!

Now that you know what type of hair you have and what it needs, all you have to do is pamper it and enjoy it. With the products of Agrado Cosmetic You have it easier than ever. 😊


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