The importance of emotions on your skin

Do you know that feelings have a great impact on the skin? Our face is its reflection. And although we have always been made aware of the importance of sleep and rest, we must also pay special attention to our state of mind. Because feeling good on the inside is looking good on the outside. Therefore, in this post we give you the keys to understand the importance that emotions have on your skin.


The skin is one of the body's organs with the most nerve receptors and is capable of reflecting calm, stress, enjoyment, terror... Dozens of emotions are externalized, but according to Doctor Fernández Álvarez the ones that have the most impact are the following :

  • Stress: The tension accumulated day after day from work, as well as mental exhaustion, can cause worsening of acne, seborrheic dermatitis or eczema. In addition, it favors the appearance of expression lines.
  • The sadness: This feeling entails a lack of sleep and a neglect of one's own image, therefore appearing dark circles, expression wrinkles, loss of luminosity and elasticity of the skin...
  • The irritation: In this state, our skin suffers profound premature aging that brings with it new wrinkles or expression lines.
  • The happiness: Not all feelings have a negative impact... Happiness provides great benefits to our skin. Thanks to the dopamine, endorphin and serotonin that we release when we are happy, our skin looks more radiant. In addition, we prevent premature aging and different skin diseases.

It should be noted that several dermatological studies have shown that even 80% skin diseases have a psychosomatic origin, that is, they are associated with psychological factors. For this reason, it is so important to take care of our mental health because in this way we are also protecting our physical health.


You already know that the ideal thing to have healthy skin is to feel calm and happy, but continually maintaining these moods can be quite a challenge. If you feel that your skin is dull due to stress, weakness or fatigue from everyday life, we have a very simple but highly effective solution that will help you notice the difference: a good facial routine.

The first step to achieving healthier skin is to clean it thoroughly. You can use the Agrado Micellar Makeup Remover Water and continue with the Agrado Cleansing Milk. Both products will help you cleanse, remove makeup and tone your skin. Afterwards, you can continue with the Pleasant Facial Toner, which will eliminate any possible impurities that may have remained. To finish, one of our favorites: the Pleasant Facial Sun Mist. In a dry-touch spray format, quickly absorbed and applicable to makeup, it has become an essential part of our makeup bag. And ready! Radiant skin in just 10 minutes.

And in case you didn't know... Have a routine of skincare It increases your confidence and your level of commitment to yourself, so are you up for it? Get healthy and luminous skin with the routine of Agrado Cosmetic!


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