Travel with our gels
of the world

From Japan to the Bahamas, from Iceland to Mykonos, travel the world without leaving your shower with our world gels.


The palm trees surround us and the intensity of everything we experienced intoxicates us with sweet smells. AGRADO's Tropical Bath and Shower Gel and its Sweet Banana aroma will give you a unique experience that will make you feel in paradise with each bath.


Relive in each bath the travels of the explorers who ventured into northern lands and discover the freshness of the northern nights with Agrado's Nordic Bath and Shower Gel.


Travel to the cherry blossom forests of Asia and feel the peace and tranquility of the ponds and temples of distant Japan with every shower.


A unique crossing of ingredients and a unique crossing of cultures. The sun and the blue of the Mediterranean come together in the softness and aroma of our gel so that you can travel through the thousand islands and coves of this legendary sea.

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