Summer manifesto, your essentials!

Atypical summer, but summer nonetheless! This year we set out to enjoy the little things that make us happy, and we are working on it! To strictly comply with it, we have prepared our own list of “musts”, everything you cannot miss! A summer manifesto with a lot of love and affection so that you don't miss out on a smile. And we assure you that most of the points are free. 🙂

  1. Your friends. Because video calls are very good, but even with caution, the #agradocrew are in contact! And an afternoon at a beach bar (respecting safety measures) with friends is worth more than a trip to the Caribbean!
  2. Enjoy the water. Especially if you live in hot areas! Whether organizing a day at the beach, swimming pool or hot tubing. The important thing here is to cool off and have a good time! And if you also have our glitter flamingo float, you will be the queen of the seas! 😉
  3. Forget about complexes. And this is one of the most important points of the summer manifesto! Because at this time certain insecurities and complexes tend to emerge with our bodies, but when you realize that all bodies are beautiful and that yours is a temple which you should pamper and respect, you will surely begin to value and love yourself more! !
  4. Take care of your body. Inside but also outside! Pamper yourself with your favorite ice cream, but don't lose your mind with excesses either. That will make you feel bloated and with a bad conscience. Don't forget about your skin, which is the only thing you should worry about on the beach. Protect it with solar Agrado Whichever one you like best so that you look pretty and tanned!
  5. Try a new sport. If you don't have an exercise habit, it's time to discover something new! Anything that involves moving your body and getting your heart pumping is a good option. And if you can innovate, then great! Paddle surfing, kayaking, diving, climbing, nature walks... The options are endless!
  6. Create unforgettable moments! The last and fundamental one. It's up to you to make every day a special moment. Share with your loved ones, cook your partner's favorite dish, surprise your friends with an original plan, organize a day in nature with the family, enjoy a good book or relax with a long bath. It's in your hands to make this a unique summer!

As you can see, we are very clear about it, no one can take away our summer enjoyment! We hope that this summer manifesto has made you smile and encouraged you to enjoy the little things.

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