Products you need for a perfect facial cleansing routine

You come home after a super stressful day and you just wash your face with water? Or you come back from a party and go to sleep even without removing your makeup? Friends, your skin is crying out for a facial cleansing routine! We tell you what they are our favorite products to achieve clean, healthy and good-looking skin. Take note!

When we talk about skincare, we have all been a little lost at some point. Between the order of application of the products, each person's skin type, the appropriate products... It may seem complicated, but we bring you the solution! Discover our definitive guide to have clean and radiant skin in just 3 steps.


First of all, we must start with a good makeup remover that helps us remove traces of makeup and dirt. For this, the Agrado Micellar Makeup Remover Water It will be your best ally. In a single gesture, it cleans, removes makeup and tones your skin, whether it is oily, dry, combination or even sensitive. Without a doubt, the best product to start your facial cleansing routine. You won't be able to live without it! 🙂

  1. Cleansing milk

The second step? Clean thoroughly! The Agrado Cleansing Milk It is perfect for eliminating all types of impurities, even those found in the deepest layers of the skin. In addition, it gives you an extra dose of hydration and softness. The best? It is suitable for all skin types. So you no longer have an excuse! 😉 

  1. Facial tonic

After cleansing your skin, it's time to tone it! You can do it with Pleasant Facial Toner, the ideal complement to your daily facial routine. Gently tones, helps remove any remaining impurities and revitalizes the skin. Believe me, you will notice the difference!

  1. Sunscreen

As an extra tip, we recommend that you always use sunscreen. Because rain or shine, it is super important to protect your skin from UVA rays. If you haven't tried it yet, we recommend the Solar Facial Mist SPF 50+, one of our essentials. Suitable for sensitive skin, very high protection and in a spray format that will not leave your skin greasy at all. In addition, its “pocket” size allows you to always carry it with you wherever you go. 100% protected!

Now that you know our favorite products for a perfect facial cleansing routine, It's time to give your skin the care it deserves with Agrado Cosmetic!


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