Prolonging your tan is possible!

We know how hard it is to get that golden tone on our skin, and how angry it is when it disappears so quickly. Today we bring you 5 tricks to prolong your tan beyond September. You sign up? We promise it works!

  1. Extra hydration

Hydration is essential to prolong your tan. And after a few months of sun, chlorine, salt and other factors that tend to dry out, it is normal for you to feel more dehydrated. If we combine it with returning to the city, pollution and stress, the result is dull and lifeless skin. Moisturize your skin thoroughly every day with your Body Milk Liked favorite and you will be nourished, pretty, flexible, and tanned!

2. Post-sun treatment

Pampering your skin after the sun is more important than you think. In fact, if you use the right product, you will be able to prolong your tan for much longer. Our Aftersun in Aloe Vera gelIn addition to calming your skin, preventing it from peeling and repairing cellular damage, it makes your tan last much longer.

3. Feed your tan

Introduce foods rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene or lycopene into your diet, which help preserve color. Like melon, watermelon, tomato or red fruits. Also those that promote melanin synthesis, such as lean meat proteins or fish such as salmon. Your skin will be brighter and firmer.

4. The best cold shower

Forget about hot baths until autumn arrives. Cold water is invigorating and revitalizing, which will help you avoid dehydration and therefore prolong your tan.

5. Don't forget the sun!

Surely you still find space and desire to spend some time in the sun with that book you haven't finished yet. You refresh your tan, stimulate the production of vitamin D and pretend that summer hasn't ended yet. That will be an energy boost for sure!

These simple tricks will help you prolong your tan and will also remind you how much you enjoyed the summer. Remember that a good bronzer is always a plus for a beautiful, tanned face. 😉



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