What should my ideal shower gel have?

We use it in our daily lives, and yet, many times we only give importance to its good smell or that it lasts on our skin. But we are doing it wrong! There are other factors to take into account when choosing the perfect body wash. Do you want to know what they are? Take note because in Agrado Cosmetic We tell you everything your ideal shower gel should have. 😉​


Does it suit your skin type?

First of all, It is super important to know what type of skin you have so that your gel adapts to its needs.. It may seem a little overwhelming but don't worry! We tell you: there are dry, oily, sensitive or allergenic skin types. And depending on what yours is, you will need one formulation or another. For example, for atopic skin, we recommend the Agrado micellar bath and shower gel. Its soap-free micellar formula is perfect for the daily hygiene of this type of sensitive skin. Protect and care all in one!


Choose a neutral pH

If your shower gel does not respect the pH of your skin... Quickly, say goodbye to it! The neutral pH helps you prevent reactions and allergies from occurring on the skin, and so you can show off amazing legs in all seasons of the year. And... psst psst I'll tell you a secret that will interest you: all the Agrado Cosmetic bath gels They have a neutral pH.


A scent that makes you fall in love

There is nothing better than being faithful to your tastes, and in the case of smells, even more so! Choosing the aroma that will accompany you throughout the day is not an easy task, but we give you some tips: choose a fresh fragrance that you like and that complements your perfume.

PS: As a recommendation, surely the range of Trendy Bubbles Collection You'll love it. We can no longer live without him Exotic mango bath and shower gel, which envelops you in a tropical and refreshing aroma with all the fruity sweetness. Its formula, with 95% of ingredients of natural origin, contributes to the hydration of the skin. What more could you ask for?


Natural ingredients

The final touch: pamper your skin with the best natural products. Your skin is crying out to escape the parabens and preservatives that dry it out. Change them for bath gels that respect it like the Oatmeal bath and shower gel, formulated with oat extract, which helps prevent irritation thanks to its calming and regenerating effect. Believe me, you will notice the difference!

Now that you know the 'must haves' of your next ideal body wash, put our tips into practice and look perfect skin this fall with Agrado Cosmetic.


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