Treat yourself to pampering on Valentine's Day

February, the month of love. We are saturated with gift ideas, romantic plans, dinners for two... But, what about self-love? We always worry about those we love most but we forget to pamper ourselves. Therefore, this year we have stood up! Treat yourself to pampering on Valentine's Day, a few hours of relaxation because you deserve it! And low cost of course.

  1. Spa at home. 

Please ask that no one disturb you for a couple of hours, fill the bathtub with warm water and you Trendy Bubbles favorite to give a delicious aroma to your bathroom, light a few candles and play soft music. Now you just need to dive in and relax with a blank mind. If you want to add a professional touch, put a mask on your face and hair to leave looking like new. 

2. Meditation.

The benefits of meditation for stress are many, and the best thing is that you only need a quiet place to practice it. This Valentine's Day give yourself some time to disconnect to connect with yourself. Follow these 6 steps to meditate at home and free your mind.

3. Massage.

A classic on Valentine's Day. There are plenty of coupon platforms that offer super low-cost relaxing massages and wraps. Choose the one you like the most and reserve an afternoon of pampering that will change your mood all month long. 

4. Book and wine.

A classic that never fails. It seems silly, but busyness and obligations sometimes don't allow us to enjoy the little things. 

5. Special manicure.

Have you been unable to find the time to get a manicure for weeks? This is your chance! Prepare a tray with a Nail polish remover, file, cuticle oil, hardener, your favorite polish, top coat and the Aloe Vera hand cream. In the background your favorite series or movie and a skin revitalizing smoothie home. Impossible better plan!

We hope we have convinced you to give yourself pampering on Valentine's Day. These 5 great plans will help you disconnect and relax, because a few hours just for you are priceless!


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