Hair serum or oil, what does my hair need?

sérum o aceite capilar

There is a hair mystery that has many of us confused: Serum or Oil? What does our hair need to look spectacular? We are going to compare two of our favorite products: the Multivitamin Oil and the Intense Shine Serum. Read on to find out which one is perfect for you! Agrado Multivitamin Oil: This oil is a real bomb […]

5 tips to restore health to your hair this fall

Having shiny and visibly nourished hair is one of the beauty desires of many women and men! But how to take care of your hair to achieve this result? The fall season is a crucial time to start a routine to repair your hair and keep it looking shiny. The effects of summer as a result of saltpeter, […]

Moisturize your hair this fall with Agrado's line of keratin products

The month of September has arrived. Gone are the days of the beach, pool and sunsets with the sand at your ankles. The time has come to return to professional routines and also personal care. Hair is one of the parts of the body that suffers the most from the sun's excesses, so why […]

7 recommendations for sunbathing this summer

We are bored of hearing the importance of protecting ourselves from the sun when the summer season arrives. And we are sure that you already put many of the recommendations into practice. But since prevention is better than cure, we remind you of some things so that you can enjoy the sun without getting burned. What you should not forget to sunbathe this […]

14 things you can do to protect your skin from the sun

Protecting the skin from the sun is a task that can be quite tedious, and it is possible that, with the rush and distractions of everyday life, we may overlook some precautions. That's why we present a checklist of 15 things to do and avoid to keep your skin safe and healthy. Are you ready to put […]

6 signs that show that the sunscreen you are using is quality

Choosing a good sunscreen is vital to ensure that our skin is protected. But when it comes time to decide which one is best for you, do you know what you should keep in mind? As each skin and person is different, we present a list of signs to take into account when […]

Learn the reasons why you should use After Sun in summer.

After sun is more important than we think and should be used whenever we are exposed to the sun, and not just on days when we notice irritation after a long day at the beach. Not only can the sun have an unwanted effect, water and the wind themselves can […]

Sunscreen: everything you need to know for this summer.

Soon the heat, good weather and the most anticipated time of the year will arrive: summer. During these months we enjoy our free time, vacations and spend more hours exposed to the sun. But many times we don't think about the risks that this season entails. Therefore, whatever our plan is, we must be […]

6 tips to combat cellulite

Just saying the word “cellulite” sometimes sends shivers down the spine, especially in the female population as it affects more than 90% of women today. The appearance of orange peel skin can become a headache, and in general there is no one who has not thought about how to get rid of […]

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