5 reasons why you should use our Solar Facial Mist all year round

Protecting our skin from the sun is not something specific that we should only do in summer. During the rest of the year we should also include a sunscreen in our facial routine to help us deal with the risks of the sun, such as spots or aging of the dermis. While is true that […]

Solar Facial Mousse: the product you need in your summer toiletry bag

Using sunscreen is mandatory throughout the year, but in the summer season special emphasis must be placed, since the sun's radiation is much more powerful and harmful. Dermatologists advise protecting the skin with photoprotectors not only to avoid short-term problems, such as burns, but also to avoid them in […]

The easiest way to protect your children from the sun

When it comes to sun protection, children require special attention. Their skin is thinner and more sensitive than that of adults, making it more prone to damage. To this we must add that during the summer they spend long hours playing in the sun. How can we take care of your skin? […]

The importance of using Aftersun

We are all experts in sun protection, we are even aware of using it throughout the year. However, sometimes we forget the last step of the ritual: using Aftersun after sunbathing. We explain what this super product is for and recommend the best ones to hydrate your skin and prolong […]

Solar Facial Mist: the essential in your bag this summer

It can be used over makeup, it is very light and refreshing and most importantly, it protects your skin from the sun. We are talking about the Agrado Solar Facial Mist, the essential that cannot be missing in your bag this summer. Its texture, its formula, its application... It doesn't have a single but! We tell you why this protector […]

The Agrado Solares take care of the oceans!

Did you know that our lots comply with Hawaii's SB2571 law on coral protection? That means they take care of the oceans, respecting the marine ecosystem and protecting the coral reef. Bet on responsible plots and contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity!

Solares 2021: new proposals for this summer

Agrado Cosmetic sunscreens are always your favorites, and we are very excited to prepare surprises for you every summer to continue caring for and protecting your skin! This Solares 2021 line stands out for its variety of formats, which adapt to the different needs of our skin and preferences: cream, mousse, mist and oil; each […]

They talk about us! The Agrado plots in the press

This summer, Agrado Cosmetic's sunscreens have caused a sensation in the press, and we couldn't be more grateful. The most important beauty and lifestyle publications have recommended our products to their readers, and each of these mentions is the result of having proven their effectiveness. We compile the most notable press appearances […]

5 tips to protect your skin by Moderna de Pueblo

We have been able to go to the beach and swimming pools for weeks now, and the new normal is much better! We have everything ready to enjoy the sun this summer, with our Agrado solar panels and our super float! Which you already know what you can get with your online purchases. We only need the […]

7 recommendations for sunbathing this summer

We are bored of hearing the importance of protecting ourselves from the sun when the summer season arrives. And we are sure that you already put many of the recommendations into practice. But since prevention is better than cure, we remind you of some things so that you can enjoy the sun without getting burned. What you should not forget to sunbathe this […]

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