Top 10 essential male care

Wanting to convey a good image and an appropriate appearance at work or in everyday life is no longer an exclusive concern for women. Men take care of themselves too, or they should. And contrary to what many think, it is not that complicated, in fact, they have it very easy! You just need to pay attention to those basic masculine care that every man should carry out in his daily life. Keep reading and don't miss any!

  1. Basic body hygiene: you see how simple it is, but a freshly showered man smelling clean every morning is irresistible. Any of our shower gels They are perfect, but Shower Bubbles Sea Salts or Gold are a must in the masculine care of our boys.
  2. Body odor: deodorant and fragrance are two basic steps to maintain hygiene throughout the day and define your personality with a scent that represents you. We love woody and intense aromas. Choose a perfume that always stays with you and don't hesitate to carry a mini size in the car or gym bag to reapply throughout the day if you need to.
  3. Facial hygiene: men's care is very simple on a day-to-day basis, but we believe it is necessary to remember that his skin also accumulates dirt and requires more thorough cleaning from time to time. If you use soap and water in your daily life, we recommend that you visit the beauty center every three months to have your pores extracted and some appropriate treatment for your skin.
  4. Facial and body hydration: yes, boys also hydrate their skin, or at least they should. Mainly the face one should be a basic for you. Go for gel-like textures that absorb quickly and leave a feeling of freshness and well-being. You will especially like it if you have a beard. The body also needs to be hydrated, especially in summer. Choose one lotion or body milk with a soft aroma that doesn't cost you to apply from time to time.
  5. Shaving and waxing: don't give up your style, but wear it appropriately. Among basic men's care is having a well-groomed beard. If you shave completely, do it forcefully. And if you have a beard, trim it properly so that it doesn't look dirty and unkempt. You can apply some lotion or wax for a perfect finish.
  6. Hair care: yes guys, hair is your thing too. First of all, hair hygiene with a shampoo Proper is a basic, but finding and maintaining a cut that flatters your face is essential. Let yourself be advised by your stylist or hairdresser and look for comfort and style in equal parts. You can help yourself with a fixative or styling to define and achieve a perfect result.
  7. Photoprotection: what obsession men have with not protecting themselves from the sun. Most opt for umbrella or safe burn. For them, we recommend our Solar Mists, which apply super quickly and also have a dry and invisible finish. I have no excuse!
  8. Hands: well-kept hands say a lot about a person, in men too. Keep them well hydrated and with neat nails.
  9. The right look. And comfort does not mean tracksuits. Reorganize your closet with clothes for your different needs, but make sure they are all in good condition. Sports, casual, work, leisure... The basics will be your best allies, but always reserve a budget for a more special shirt or sneakers.
  10. Physical activity and nutrition. There are many men with a grateful constitution, but adequate nutrition and frequent physical activity will be everything to complete basic male care. Feel good inside and out by eating real food, without ultra-processed foods, and exercise weekly. This will also help you disconnect a couple of days a week and spend some time with friends or your partner. Playing tennis or paddle tennis, for example, or running through the park.

These masculine cares are very simple small rituals, but they make a difference. Dare to pass it on to your kids, friends or family!


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