Your essential Agrado plots of 2020

Everywhere we read and hear that this summer will be different, we have a lot of uncertainty and it is normal that we consider a somewhat different summer. However, we have come to the conclusion that the most important things that make us happiest in summer, not even a pandemic can take them away from us! And the Agrad solaror they will surely accompany us, because the sun will not be missing either.

A long after-dinner meal on your friend's terrace, a walk through the mountains with the family, castles in the sand with the little ones, or afternoons at the pool savoring your favorite ice cream. Those are the little things that really make us happy, we don't need a paradise island or visit an exotic city. There will be time for all that. And since the common factor of these simple but wonderful plans is the sun, once again we want Agrado sunscreens to go with you everywhere, and for you to choose the format and SPF that best suits you. Because we have something for all tastes! 🙂


New this year are the fast-absorbing Agrado sun creams SPF 30 and 50. A traditional format but with an improved formula that hydrates and protects from sunburn and premature skin aging.


Dry mist sun sprays are one of our favorite formats, which is why you can find them in their body version, with 3 gradual SPF (15, 30 and 50), Kids with SPF 50, facial with SPF 50 and aftersun.

This fast-absorbing format allows for a very comfortable, 360º application, without the need to spread it. It leaves a light feeling on the skin and protects effectively. It is also waterproof, so you can reapply it without having to wait before the next dip.

The SPF 50 facial mist also has the peculiarity that it can be applied over makeup. When you try it you won't be able to live without it!


You will fall in love with the SPF 50 Solar Facial Mousse for sensitive skin and it will become your go-to facial sunscreen. It has a novel texture that breaks into a cream, and has a powerful protective action even for the most sensitive skin, and is also moisturizing, anti-aging and water resistant.


For lovers of intense tanning, oil is an ideal resource to enhance it, but always with an SPF appropriate to your skin tone. Agrado solar oils with SPF 8, 10 and 20 maintain and intensify your tan, in addition to hydrating your skin. They combine carrot oil and tea to achieve fabulous results. In addition, its dry touch avoids the sticky feeling of most oils. You will love them!


The hydragel texture of Agrado's Aftersun enriched with aloe vera will provide you with a feeling of comfort and immediate relief. Thanks to its formula with natural aloe vera extract 100% and glycerin, it has an emollient effect and provides extra hydration, in addition to providing freshness and calming the skin after sun exposure.

Now that you know the solar Agrado, it's time to choose your favorites! You can purchase them at the usual points of sale, physical and online, in the main perfumeries and supermarkets. Plus, now when purchasing online we give you the coolest float of the summer for the purchase of two plots or more! 🙂


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