3 ways to be sustainable with the Agrado Nature Botanicals Line

Sustainable, eco-friendly, 100% recycled... All of these terms are already part of our dictionary and we know very well that, more than words, they have become a lifestyle. In today's post we wink at International Recycling Day, telling you 3 ways to be sustainable with the Agrado Nature Botanicals Line. Aim!

Close the tap! Save water and help the planet

Drought is one of the most serious problems we face. Therefore, every drop counts! At bath time, try to prioritize the shower before completely filling the bathtub and remember to turn off the tap when you are soaping up. You can also apply this last tip when you are washing your hands, face or teeth. The planet will thank you!

Use the Botanicals Line: sustainable and recyclable

Natural and sustainable cosmetics have become one of our favorite trends. And it is clear that it is here to stay. These are products that are respectful of the environment, of ourselves, and are also very effective. Our recommendation? The Line Agrado Nature Botanicals.

The products from the Botanical Line are composed of a 92-98% from ingredients of natural origin, and are suitable for vegans. Besides, the packaging is 100% recyclable thanks to its monomaterial manufacturing that does not require us to separate its components. 

Botanicals is divided into two treatments, which include shampoo, mask, conditioner and serum. Pro Strength, a repairing bath based on Amaranth Flower extract and Argan Oil for damaged and fragile hair. AND Pro Nutrition, a treatment with Rice Extract and Quinoa that nourishes, hydrates and protects dry and brittle hair. Everything you need to have great hair and take care of the planet!

Recycle the containers and give them a new life

Did you know that your cosmetic containers can also be recycled? We tell you the keys to deposit them in the appropriate container. 

First of all, make sure that there are no traces of product inside the container and clean it with plenty of water. Next, separate the dispensers, sprayers and caps from the rest of the packaging, since these parts cannot be recycled. Remember to also remove the labels attached to the containers! 

Every gesture, no matter how small, adds up. From Agrado Cosmetic We encourage you to make these changes in your routine and to opt for sustainable and recyclable products. Because taking care of the planet is everyone's business! You sign up?

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